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Kodály Society

of Ireland




Webinar 1st July - 4PM

An introductory presentation and live tutorial presenting the new and exciting digital music education platform for teachers  on

The Kodály Society of Ireland is delighted to announce a very exciting event which will see us welcome the developers of for a live demonstration.

Developed by Daniel Bali and Daniel Molnár, Musicators is a free online platform where teachers can create and share a variety of dictation-based exercises from beginner to upper intermediate levels and assign them to their students, supporting both synchronous and asynchronous teaching methods.

This unique website complements Kodály-inspired teaching practices, and will be particularly valuable to music educators navigating the online teaching context, as well as a wonderful additional tool to supplement face-to-face teaching.


We have had huge interest in this Webinar and have now reached full capacity. We are taking sign ups for a waiting list.  If you have booked a place and know that you will no longer make it, we would appreciate it if you could email us and we can give the spot to someone on our waiting list. 

The webinar will be hosted via Zoom and all details will be sent to all registered participants 24hrs before the event.


About Musicators:

Musicators started as a passion project in 2018 to experiment with digital devices in music education. Since then, they have brought music teachers from all around the world together to share their music and knowledge with their students and colleagues. Teachers can create nine different exercise types inspired by the Kodály method to effectively develop musical skills and competences. 


Students can work on the exercise sets on desktop computers, tablets or even on mobile phones without registering and their teachers can easily follow their progress on automatic reports. Musicators serve thousands of users daily who pass on the world's musical heritage to next generations.

We really look forward to hosting this Webinar and hope to share some very useful digital music educations skills that can be used from home or in the classroom! 

See you on Wednesday, 1st July at 4pm and in the meantime, check out the Musicators website! 

Booked out!
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