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About Us:


The Kodály Society of Ireland was established in 1993. Since then it has created opportunities for

national and international musicians, teachers and educators to develop their skills, practices

and knowledge, according to the philosophical concepts of Zoltán Kodály. 

From basic to advanced musicianship, Kodály courses offer a sequenced and structured approach

that builds on the tools, skills and concepts featured in the highly developed programmes used

in Hungarian music schools.

Our aim:

  • To develop musicianship in individuals through 
    active-learning strategies 

  • To develop music teaching methods through singing, 
    conducting and musicianship (solfège) 

  • To offer professional development and support to teachers

Our mission is to promote the teaching and learning concepts and strategies of Zoltán Kodály through workshops, seminars and courses. 

Developments in music education are on-going and we bring the best and most significant of these to the attention of our members.

About Kodály: 


Zoltán Kodály was a Hungarian musician, composer, ethnomusicologist, and educator. Born in 1882, Kodály's lifework spanned the early 20th Century. Kodály was the keystone for developing a music education philosophy in Hungary that has now expanded to reach every corner of the world.  ​

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