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Connect: a holistic workshop day for music educators and students




In association with MTU Cork School of Music, Kodály Ireland is pleased to present this in-person workshop for music educators and students. With active musicianship sessions, singing together and two engaging workshops on teaching music in the classroom, this half-day course will offer practical tips for teaching and an engaging learning environment.

Workshop Information

Date: Saturday 25 May, 2024 

Venue: MTU Cork School of Music, Union Quay, Cork 

Time: 10am-2pm 

Cost: €45 - free to Kodály Ireland members



10-11:15am: Solfège sessions with Amy Morrison and Anne Ralph 

11:45-1:15pm: Education sessions with Dr Rachael Byrne and Aodh Quigley

1:15-2pm: Singing Together with Emily Cox

    Workshop Content

    The theme of the day is connection. Participants will connect with themselves through musicianship practice, with others by singing together, and find new ways to reach and relate to their students in our education sessions on play and inclusion. 

    We are delighted to have Dr Rachael Byrne leading a workshop on her Playful Music in the Primary Classroom approach. Play is a fundamental part of children's education, creating neural connections in the brain to cement learning and often overlooked in a formal school environment. Experience Rachael's easy-to-implement games and learning strategies to unlock the impact of play in the classroom. 

    For all learning environments, Kodály Ireland committee member Aodh Quigley will present his work on Social Inclusion in Music Education. Aodh will discuss how to build and maintain a welcoming learning environment for all learners regardless of background, culture, neurodiversity and gender identity. The workshop will place a particular emphasis on LGBT+ inclusion in choral and singing classes, and working with voices that don't align with a traditional gender binary. 

    The education workshops are complemented by solfège sessions led by Kodály Ireland chairperson Anne Ralph and her predecessor Amy Morrison. As educators constantly give of ourselves, it's important to rejuvenate our own musical identity. Experience musicianship practice as wellness by singing, exploring and refreshing your skills. 

    The day is rounded out by a group singing session for all participants with Kodály Ireland's secretary Emily Cox. All singing reduces stress and increases positive emotions, but the benefits are enhanced by singing with others. In 45 minutes Emily will bring the group together as a choir to summarise the day in music.

    Tickets available on Eventbrite - €45 for non-members, free to Kodály Ireland members! 

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